School of the 16th Century

school 16 century

Admit it: You’ve always wanted to fire a musket.  Now’s your chance – on February 4, 2017, the bell will ring for the Fountain of Youth’s annual School of the 16th Century.

Period reenactors will show you what life was like 450 years ago.  Learn the skills that would have helped St Augustine citizens survive, from cooking to weaponry.  And if you wear clothing made of all-natural fibers (for safety reasons), you can participate.  The School of the 16th Century is sponsored by the Historic Florida Militia Inc,  and it will run 9-5 on Saturday, February 4, at the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park.  The School is free with regular park admission, which is $15 for adults and $14 for seniors.

Training drills will happen throughout the day.  Learn how a musket, a crossbow, and a cannon are fired.  Reeanactors will demonstrate swords, pikes, and crossbows.  16th century artifacts will also be on display.

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