Saint Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

St Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

Take a Behind The Scenes Tour of The Saint Augustine Lighthouse and Museum


Immerse yourself in the history of the Saint Augustine Lighthouse and Museum with a behind the scenes guided tour. It is an in-depth one-hour tour of the history and archaeology research being conducted at the Saint Augustine Lighthouse, you’ll be given guided access into parts of the historic light station not available with general admission. The tour will include the Lighthouse’s maritime archaeology laboratory facilities, where you can see first-hand the various stages of the tedious cleaning and stabilization procedures undertaken by laboratory conservators in order to save them for history. A guided tour of the Keeper’s House Museum is included, offering a closer look into the story of St Augustine’s lighthouse keepers and their history. The Saint Augustine Lighthouse Archaeology Maritime Program searches for shipwrecks in our oldest port while the Museum, a Smithsonian Affiliate, saves history and gathers stories to tell that would be otherwise lost.

The Saint Augustine Lighthouse is just one of many historic reasons to take a trip to St. Augustine. Carriage Way itself is drenched in history, having been built in 1883. When you walk the halls of Carriage Way, you are walking on wood that has stood for centuries and will stand for many, many more. Carriage Way and St. Augustine are steeped in so much history it is almost impossible to take it all in with just a one day stay. Take a vacation and come discover our nations’ beginnings, founding culture and how it stands today. Carriage Way offers many modern amenities to go along with our beloved historic inn. We offer free wifi, onsite parking, complimentary wine and a hot chef’s choice breakfast, served to you table side. Come stay with us and entrench yourself in the historic town we call home. You can Book Now on our real time website or call us at (904)-829-2467.