The Art of Dining: The Table at Downton Abbey

Oh, admit it – you’ve probably imagined yourself attending a glamorous dinner party at Downton Abbey.  But in your imaginings, did you know the appropriate time to remove your gloves? And could you name every piece of cutlery? I daresay you might be in need of the The Art of Dining: The Table at Downton Abbey program on Wednesday, December 13.

To help with the elegant ambiance, The Art of Dining: The Table at Downton Abbey will be held in the ballroom of the Casa Monica Hotel.   The presenter is Francine Segan, an author, TV personality, and one of America’s foremost experts on Italian cuisine.  You will learn about the extensive etiquette of the time period, along, of course, with the food.  Ms Segan will tell you all about the Edwardian cotillions, picnics, and dinner parties you’ve dreamed about.  There will be samples of food to taste, and recipes to take home.  And a trivia contest will bring out your inner Carson as you test your knowledge of extinct dining implements.

The Art of Dining is being held in conjunction with the Dressing Downton exhibit at the Lightner Museum.  (And if you haven’t seen it yet, you simply must.)

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