El Galeón Returns To St. Augustine!

El Galeón 2

El Galeón Has Returned To Port In St. Augustine

The 16th century replica Spanish merchant ship, El Galeón has returned to St. Augustine and is available for tours through April 12. The ship has been docked and open for tours in St. Augustine several times in recent years, including during St. Augustine’s 450th Birthday celebrations. The ship is open from 11am-7pm weekdays and 11am-8pm weekends. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children 5-12 years of age. Children under 5 years old are free. Five of the six decks are available for tour, which holds an exhibition about the “San Pelayo”, the Spanish galleon that founded St. Augustine, the first city in the Us. It carries an all-Spanish crew that lives and breathes the history of the ship and her travels from port to port and in the open sea.

Carriage Way still has availability for El Galeón’s visit, Book Now and come check out the ship that is  enriched with the history of the original ship that founded our beloved city! Carriage Way is just minutes away from the St. Augustine Municipal Marina, with our own private parking.