Flagler College voted in top 25 most beautiful college campuses

Recently Starbucks coffee made a list of the nation’s top 25 most beautiful college campuses. Some major universities like Brown, Berkeley, and Columbia made the list as obvious choices. Major colleges are often well known for their extremely beautiful architecture and design. Most people have never heard of Flagler College, much less seen pictures or visited the campus. Luckily for Flagler, Starbucks took notice, and gave them some well-deserved recognition. Flagler College is now voted one of America's top 25 college campuses.

Flagler college campus was originally a 5 star hotel, which was built by Henry Flagler. The Ponce Hotel (now Flagler College) opened its doors in 1888, and operated as 5 star hotel. Electricity generators for the property were provided by Thomas Edison, and a majority of the property also features designs and glass by Louis Comfort Tiffany (Tiffany glass.)

Congratulations to Flagler College for this tremendous recognition. On your next vacation, don’t miss out on visiting this beautiful campus. Take one of Flagler College’s daily tours at 10am and 2 pm. This hotel masterpiece is just a short walk from Carriage Way Bed and Breakfast. Contact us today to let us help you start planning your next vacation to the nation’s oldest city.