Frontier Airlines adds new non-stop flight

In January, Frontier Airlines announced it would be adding non-stop flights from St. Augustine Airport to Trenton New Jersey.These affordable flights start at roughly $15 and go up in price for every seat sold. Today Frontier airlines announced that they will now be flying non stop to Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. Having a non-stop (affordable) flight in and out of the nations capitol is an incredible opportunity for St. Augustine. Frontier Airlines has been reaching out to multiple airports in an effort to expand thier business to other regions, but even they were surprised to see Dulles International agree to a deal so quickly. Ed Wuellner, airport executive director at St. Augustine airport, was quoted saying "They (Dulles) don't rush growth, I think its a real testement to what their seeing in the early success with the Market in Trenton" (quote via 

This non-stop service from both Trenton and Dulles will hopefully have a substantial econimic impact on St. Augustine's tourism industry. With St. Augustine airport just 5 miles away, Carriage Way Bed and Breakfast is the ideal choice for lodging and hotels in the St. Augustine area. Contact us today and let us help you plan your next vacation to the nations oldest city.