Pirates Plunder

I’m certain that when you think of pirates, you think of school supplies.  It’s an obvious pairing – like peanut butter and jelly, or bed and breakfast.  Well, you can reinforce that connection on August 5 at the Pirates Plunder for Back to School Supplies event at St Augustine’s own Pirate and Treasure Museum.

The Pirate and Treasure Museum stands across Avenida Menendez from the fort.  It was established by Pat Croce (a name basketball fans might recognize), and contains a vast array of pirate paraphernalia.  You can examine the world’s oldest pirate treasure chest, see an actual Jolly Roger flag, and touch a real bar of gold.  Other exhibits include a Disney-produced audio show and Hollywood pirate memorabilia.

pirates plunder

On Saturday, August 5, the Pirate and Treasure Museum will be holding a special event from 10-4.  The Pirates Plunder for Back to School Supplies is fun for a great cause.  Meet pirates, play games, and donate school supplies all at once.  Anyone who drops off school supplies – anything from writing utensils to calculators – gets $2 off admission to the Pirate and Treasure Museum.

When you’re done with the pirate treasure, stick with the theme – come to the Jewel of the Ancient City – Carriage Way B&B. We have a veritable treasure trove of charming and comfortable rooms with names like Ruby, Silver, and Gold.  We’ve got wine and sherry available to all our guests, and other amenities pirates would envy.