Since August 2013 when we first purchased Carriage Way Bed & breakfast we have been constantly striving to improve every aspect of the Inn. It is our goal to bring the highest level of comfort, service, and quality. We've brought new decor to many rooms, and we've done renovations to add on two new premium rooms. After much pondering we have decided to undergo a major renovation to the Inn. From July 29-August 28 we will be closing 11 of our 13 rooms in order to completely renovate the main house. 

Our new design will feature a significantly larger dining room and common space. By opening up the main parlor we will have much more room to provide a higher level of guest service, and we will be able to provide a more spacious and comfortable guest experience. This exciting change will require us to remove what is currently the Eula clark room. The room that currently serves as our dining room will soon become available as our brand new Ruby room!

During the majority of renovations we will be closing rooms in the main inn so as not to disrupt anyones enjoyable vacation. Our cottage, 3 houses away from the main inn, will remain intact and available for rent during the renovations. Both the Silver and Gold rooms in the cottage will be available every night. A full breakfast will be served in the Cottage dining room every morning.