Social networking

Over the past month, we here at Carriage Way have been making an effort to be more involved in social networking. The 2 basic reasons for this are simple: We miss you and we want to know what and how you're doing. The second reason is we want you to know what's going on the nation's oldest city that way you can come back and see us! We recently hit 800 likes on Facebook which has inspired us to reach out to all of you once again.

Social media is a great way for us to keep in touch with you. We know you all live busy lives, but we enjoy getting your daily updates. It’s rewarding for us to see the changes in your lives. Many of you have celebrated anniversaries, honeymoons, and birthdays with us, and for us those moments are very special. Each one of you hold a very special place in our heart.

Via Facebook we will be posting our newsletter, updating you on special events in the city, and of course keeping in touch with all of our lovely guests. On Instagram and Twitter, you will be able to see what we're doing on a regular basis. We will use these platforms to post pictures of special events, or things that we find interesting around the city. Feel free to share our posts with your friends and family. The more friends we make, the better.

Please take a minute to follow us on our social networks:




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