St. Augustine Alligator Farm opens newest adventure attraction

The St. Augustine Alligator farm has been one of St. Augustine’s most popular tourist desitnations for many years now. It has always provided a very unique experience, allowing people to get up close and personal to creatures you would never want to meet in the wild. These massive animals are contained in large wildlife sanctuaries that mimic their natural environment. People visiting the alligator farm have become accustomed to standing and watching these magnificent creatures from a safe distance, but now the alligator farm has a new plan, get people out of their comfort zone.

The Alligator Farm recently added “crocodile crossing” which combines a zipline and a high ropes course… Over a giant pit of alligators. 7 acres of land have been dedicated to two action packed adventure courses. For those looking to ease into an adventure, the Sepik River Course is the beginner course, while the Nile River Course is meant for the most adventurous of people looking to jump right into the action.

As if this thrill seeking adventure wasn’t enough, the Alligator Farm recently added a 40 foot (harnessed) free fall called the Python Challenge. (Video available here )Take a leap of faith and jump off a platform 40 feet off the ground. This free fall is sure to get your heart pumping, and with the best of modern pulley/harness technology, you’ll land on the ground safe and sound.

Enjoy this adventurous activity along with many others. St. Augustine is full of unique attractions for the adventurous. Contact us today for more information, and let us help you plan your trip the nations oldest city!