The Tag! Children’s museum coming to St. Augustine

For months, investors have been searching tirelessly for a place for the new children's museum to call home. Originally, the project was to feature a children's museum and an aquarium right next door to each other. After multiple traffic and environmental impact studies, the city has decided that these attractions simply are too large to be featured next to each other. The aquarium investors have since decided to pursue another city. 

Luckily for the residents of St. Augustine, the investors of the children’s museum have decided to move forward as planned, and are in the process of purchasing land just 1 mile south of downtown. The museum will be called "The Tag" children’s museum. The original goal was to position the children’s museum in downtown St. Augustine at Ribera point. Traffic studies suggest that this would cause serious problems in one of St. Augustine's most historic neighborhoods.

The museum is expected to attract 85,000 visitors per year and generate roughly 2 million dollars in local revenue annually. This exciting attraction is just one of many in the nation’s oldest city. Visit for a full list of exciting events in St. Augustine, and contact us today so we can help you start planning your next vacation.