Tour de Farm

If you like your food fresh and local, we have a number of St Augustine restaurants to recommend.  If you want to go one step further, we have a suggestion for that, too: The First Coast Slow Food Tour de Farm on Sunday, November 19.

From noon to 5:00 that day, you’ll have the chance to meet your vegetables.  Also the farmers growing them, artisans who use them, and some local chefs, too.  Over two dozen farms throughout the First Coast will open their doors for the Tour de Farm, from Hastings to Ponte Vedra.  Sample some very fresh local produce and meet people committed to using locally-grown ingredients.

Slow Food First Coast is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the the connection between strong farms, local food, and healthy communities.  It’s all about good food.  Who can argue with that?

We’ve got some good food around here, too.  There are, of course, the dozens of stellar restaurants within a stone’s throw of Carriage Way B&B.  Plus there are the fresh-baked treats we offer our guests every afternoon.  And don’t get me started on our breakfasts.  It will be different every day of your stay, but we always make sure you have a delicious and filling entree, protein, a baked good and some fresh-cut seasonal fruit.  We didn’t grow it, but we sure appreciate it.