USA Today Travel ranks St. Augustine in top 20 historic cities

USA Today Travel has announced that St. Augustine is one of the top 20 Historic cities to travel to. A poll is currently taking place to announce the top 10 historic cities for travel in the United States. St. Augustine has long been a destination for traveling history enthusiasts, but making this prestigious top 10 list would certainly be an incredible achievement. Competitors in this contest are Annapolis, Md.; Boston; Charleston, S.C.; Charlottesville, Va.; Chicago; Denver; Honolulu; Kansas City, Mo. Montgomery, Ala.; New Orleans; New York; Philadelphia; San Antonio; San Francisco; Santa Fe; Savannah; St. Louis; Washinton, D.C.; Williamsburg, Va.

St. Augustine was the first European settlement in the US, discovered by the Spanish in 1565. It is also the oldest continually occupied establishment in the United States. USA Today Travel Describes St. Augustine as follows: “Nicknamed the ‘Old City,’ St. Augustine was the first European settlement in the U.S., discovered in 1565 some 55 years before the pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock. History is in evidence throughout the city, from the preserved walls of 17th century Castillo de San Marcos to the beautiful Flagler College, built as a hotel by Henry Flagler during St. Augustine’s rise in popularity as a winter resort town in the late 19th century.”

Voters can visit to vote for St. Augustine today.