St. Augustine Restaurants

p-area-017Carriage Way, St. Augustine Inn is located near Cordova and St George Street in the St. Augustine Historic District. Our Victorian-style, Bed and Breakfast St. Augustine is just minutes away from some great eateries, cafes and fine dining in the Old City. Many locations are even within walking distance. The St. Augustine Restaurants have a little something for everyone. It does not matter what type of palate you have, the Old City’s restaurants cater to all tastes and budget.

Couples visiting for Romantic Getaways in St. Augustine will love the assortment of fine dining and low key, private dining rooms available at the various St. Augustine Restaurants. You’ll find plenty of delicious seafood houses, reputable steakhouses and plenty of different types of cuisines to try if you are looking to try some different tastes and culinary styles.

St. Augustine is a one of a kind destination in the south. Unlike, most destinations in the southern United States, St. Augustine has a great deal of diversity and European culture. Over the 400+ year history, many different groups of people have immigrated here or settled in the city, giving the area, it’s culture and its food lots of diversity. You can find all kinds of cuisines here.

View the amenities at our St. Augustine Bed & Breakfast. If you desire to stay in a unique accommodations that offers more than the average, chain Hotels in St. Augustine Florida, plan to stay with us.