“24/7 Wine, Soda, Innkeeper/ Dean”

Not dusty, not kitchy, very clean but still cozy and historic. Updated bathrooms and sinks. Rooms have a theme that are current and not dated. Every item in a room is meant to be there and goes with the theme and not tacky. You can access wine, soda, coffee, ice, 24/7. Not so close to downtown that you are on the strip, not so faraway that you feel like you are hiking – believe me when I say the perfect distance! (less than a 5 minute stroll). Breakfast was a great array of protein, carb, and fruit every morning. We will return. Our fav rooms, Garnet (looks out on front porch) Topaz, more privacy but just as nice upstairs. Platinum, can’t sleep in with those wide open windows up top but beautiful room, one of the nicest. Just my two cents. We looked at other B &Bs, so glad we picked this one and we even stopped by the others – still happy with our choice and will be back for sure.