“First time B&B”

It was our first time staying at a B&B so we weren’t really sure what to expect, but I have to say we weren’t disappointed. The first impression began at the front porch and continued on through the front door where we were met by the most gracious hostess MichaelE, host Julio and manager Dean. The interior was beautiful with great attention to detail and color highlighted by a nearly life-sized stained glass window that reminded me of the hostess. We were offered cold drinks and towels to freshen up before a brief, but thorough orientation and map outline. On to our room, we discovered beautiful accommodations that matched the name of the room, all colors of jewels, like aquamarine, platinum, diamond, ruby. It contained a very comfortable mattress and modern plumbing. The decor in our was very modern with touches of antique pieces here and there. One very important detail to add is that the breakfast was delicious! I wish I could get the recipe for the most flavorful egg casserole I’ve ever tasted. Coffee and wine, along with cookies are available all day.