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Something Old - Something New at the Carriage Way Bed and Breakfast

Dear Guests, Friends and Future Guests,
What began as a dream for the Johnson family and specifically for Diane Johnson in 1992, recently reached a crossroad having been a family owned and operated Bed and Breakfast for over 20 years. The decision to step down and turn this 130 year old Victorian Treasure over to new caring hands was an emotional journey, but it was time for the "Dream" to be passed on. You see it was "My Dream" as well! I would like to introduce myself - I am Michael-E, and I am the proud new innkeeper and owner of The Carriage Way Bed & Breakfast.

Like my predecessor, Diane Johnston, owning a B & B has been a dream since I was a little girl. From the age of 6, I spent my weekends going to work with my mom who was the Director of Sales and Marketing for a small hotel in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. If you've been a previous guest of the inn, you know that Diane Johnson was also from Oklahoma. I found it an interesting coincidence that we attended different high schools in the same town!

But getting back to My Dream, I grew up helping set-up for catering events, assisting bell-hops, making beds and even riding to the airport to meet and greet arriving guests. It was a fun and educational way to spend my weekends. I fell in love with the experience and in particular the contact with the hotel guests. As I grew-up, the idea of someday having the opportunity of pursuing the Dream of having a special place to meet, greet and share memories and special occasions with my guests remained in the back of my mind.

After graduating and having put my degree to good use working in teaching capacities of corporate training and academia, I met my husband, had my first child and then at the end of 1999 discovered I was expecting twins. During this time I had the great pleasure of doing some extensive travel and always greatly enjoyed staying at historic bed & breakfast inns, which once again brought back that stirring in my soul to be a B&B owner, but it was still a distant Dream.

In 1996 I discovered Yoga, became an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, and by the time my children where all in school I became a Lead Yoga Teacher in the South Florida area as well as planning major special events...My Dream was once again on hold.

Yoga, gave me a new zest for life, a joyful spirit for living - taking a journey full of positive affirmations and acceptance. My journey brought me to the realization that with my oldest child in college and the twins rapidly approaching high school it was time for me to pursue My Dream, and I began researching the B & B markets and in that process found Carriage Way, and at last My Dream has become a reality!

It is with great enthusiasm that I look forward to carrying on the wonderful traditions, service, and southern hospitality that has become the trademark of Carriage Way. It is my personal goal to create wonderful, new memories for my guests, here at the jewel of the Ancient City.

Looking forward to our journey together,
Michaele O'Neill

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