Made in St. Augustine

Made in St. Augustine is the culmination of all things local. Our mission is to celebrate everything created in the nation’s oldest city and promote everyone who “makes” in St. Augustine. We strive to highlight not only our local established entities with storefronts but to reveal the area’s hidden gems, undiscovered opportunities and lesser known organizations. Together these businesses, individuals and groups create the Made in STA community. Through events such as the annual Made in STA Fest, we are able to showcase everyone “made in St. Augustine” in one place at one time.

St Augustine Art & Craft Festival

The St. Augustine Art Association has been promoting excellence in the arts since 1924. Located in the heart of the nation’s oldest city, STAAA is a vibrant non-profit art organization, recognized as the cultural epicenter of local art community.

The Cathedral Festival

There are no attractions to show.