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carriage way owners

The Inn Owners

August 28, 2017
Dear Guests and Friends,
We are ecstatic to announce that after 4 years of proudly owning Carriage Way Inn Bed & Breakfast that Julio is now full-time at the inn. Many of you may know that Julio always had a separate corporate career in higher education while the inn was Michaele's career. 
Michaele literally grew up in hospitality from the age of 5 as my mother was the Director of Sales at a hotel in Oklahoma. I helped set up for catering events, made beds and gave "meet and greets." As an adult, I continued working for large hotel chains and cutting edge fast-paced restaurants as a corporate trainer. To round out the expertise in hospitality, I switched gears to a Special Events Coordinator specializing in grand galas and high-end fundraisers. Flowing in and out of this skill set, I became an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher which really keeps me intuitive to guests' needs.
It is with great enthusiasm that we look forward to sharing with you the newly renovated "Jewel of the Ancient City" which is Carriage Way Bed & Breakfast boasting a modern vintage vibe. It is our personal goal along with amazing dedicated staff to create wonderful, new memories for our guests.
Looking forward to our journey together,
Michaele [Mykal-EE] & Julio – Wife/Husband Inn Owner Team