Ghosts and Gravestones

Ready to be Scared?
With plenty of hair-raising to be had in the nation's oldest city, the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour is listed on the Florida and National Register of Haunted Places. It offers guests a walk through the Old Jail where suspicious odors, cold spots and clamorous noises haunt the cells. Along the trip, guests will also be able to experience Potter's Wax Museum's Chamber of Horrors, which will sent tingles up your spine and goosebumps on your skin. 
As your tour guide divulges the scary tales of this haunted city, you'll be told of real accounts of long gone locals who still call this city home even centuries after their deaths.   

St. Augustine's tumultuous past transcends into the present as we travel through the ancient city and the stories you'll hear come from years of research, personal accounts and hauntingly real-life experiences.

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What Guests Say About Ghosts and Gravestones

Ghosts and Graveyard tour
We loved it! We weren't really sure what to expect but really had a great time. The cast was extremely engaging and provided history of the area as we moved from spot to spot. Very informative and entertaining. I would think all but the very young would enjoy this tour. Huge bang for little money!
Fun and relaxed
We actually got lost and had to call customer service they pushed back our reservation for us they were helpful and kind even trying to give us directions. Ghostly Gabbie was great she was energetic and fun but also good at telling the stories and legends our driver was very nice always helped me on and off the trolley which is good because I'm clumsy over all it's great for families with kids and adults a couple small jump scares followed by laughing no big thing I would definitely go on more tours.
Love the Bus and the Stops
I'm not a big fan of ghost tours, but this one was fun. You go on a bus and make two stops. One at the old drug store where you go into one of the rooms. The second stop is at the old jail. It is fun to hear the stories in those places. The actors are very good and there is one in each of those places. These stops make this tour better than a walking tour that you just go and look at cemeteries and the outside of buildings. It is more of a show!
Just as good as a few years ago.
We took this tour at least four years ago when the guides were Flagler college theatre students. Still very good experience. I would still caution against kids under fifteen. LOVED that we stopped at the cemetery and had plenty of time to record images. Mix of humor with very scarey situations. Less walking this tour but still hit many locations. The tour starts on Ponce de Leon Street, NOT where they are building the new visitor center near the Fountain of Youth.  Still very much worth the price and a must-do when visiting St Augustine.
Nightly "scary" fun, perfect for local history.
Shared a girls night with my 2 daughters. Never had done any of the tours in St. Augustine, just walked around and visited this beautiful city on our own. We had lots of fun with the "spooky" great staff, learning all about the stops on our tour. Great family fun, learned about the history of St. Augustine and was extremely reasonable. The tour buses were decorated with spooky decor and both the driver and the guide were extremely friendly and very knowledgeable!
There are real ghosts on this tour
I didn't know it at the time, but while taking pictures of the graveyard, I captured the image of the ghost known as "The Lady in White." The photograph on the right is the picture I took, and if you click on it and enlarge it, you will see the enlarged image on the right side of that photograph. This was the number one "money shot" taken by any one in our tour group, with several people asking to take a picture of my picture at the end of the tour. The tour guides were informative and entertaining.


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Ghosts & Gravestones
Ghosts & Gravestones
Ghosts & Gravestones
Ghosts & Gravestones
Ghosts & Gravestones
Ghosts & Gravestones
Ghosts & Gravestones
Ghosts & Gravestones
Ghosts & Gravestones
Ghosts & Gravestones
Ghosts & Gravestones
Ghosts & Gravestones