Beluthahatchee Park

About The Park

Lake Beluthahatchee meanders through a natural basin and is currently owned by the Lake Dwellers Association, a non-profit Florida corporation formed by the lakefront residents. In 1949 the 70 acre tract was subdivided and platted by the owner/developer Stetson Kennedy. Kennedy recorded the restrictive covenants, setting aside land in perpetuity as a wildlife refuge also stipulating that residential construction be consistent with the developer's goal of "serving as a working demonstration that human and natural habitat need not be mutually exclusive, but can coexist in harmony."
 The refuge was created among live magnolia, cypresses, oaks, and saw palmetto. This is a place where all sorts of natural wildlife can thrive and grow like the ospreys, and eagles. There are facilities at the Beluthahatchee Park that are currently only open for special events. The park includes a picnic pavilion and tow wildlife observations platforms. 
How to locate Beluthahatchee Park 
Beluthahatchee Park is located on the William Bartram Scenic Highway (SR 13) about one-fourth of a mile south of Roberts Road and about 200 feet north of Cricket Hollow Lane. The Beluthahatchee Park is a four-acre park located within the 70-acre tract of land purchased by Kennedy in 1948 after the 18 acres Beluthahatchee Lake was created by impounding Mill Creek in 1945. 

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