Black Raven Adventures


Pirate Adventure

Here in St. Augustine the Black Raven adventures is the only live and interactive pirate cruise. The Black Raven was specially made to be a stage where the talented crew engages the audience in all things pirate all while floating. The Black Raven offers different tour options that include, the treasure hunt, rum runners, and birthday adventure.

The treasure hunt is available to all ages, the show starts out with Captain Hook stealing the precious treasure from the Black Ravens crew. With sword fights and cannon fires, the two ships battle it out. There is plenty for kids and adults the whole time, enjoy your time treasure sharing, sword fighting, face painting and more. There are two tours that depart at 2:15 and 6:15.

Rum Runners is for adults 21 and older only, solely because it is adult oriented and is not for an easily offended audience. Guests on this tour enjoy pirate styled songs, jokes, skits, and stories. Each show is unscripted, the crew interacts with the audience making it personal and interactive. This tour departs on Friday and Saturday nights at 8:15.

The Birthday Adventure was created to give kids a unique way to celebrate their birthday. Being similar to the treasure hunt cruise, this cruise focuses on the guest of honor. An option that can be selected by the parents is a present delivered from Mr. Captain Hook himself. Every guest gets a look bag and a cupcake and beverage. This tour departs every Saturday at 11:15 a.m.


What Guests Say About 
Black Ravens Adventure

Great for kids

The show was great! Loved the old shanties that were performed. Very kid friendly. We went without kids and just enjoyed seeing them have fun doing sword fights with the crew, getting their faces painted
Family Time!

 What a great value for a great way to see the lights of St. Augustine's and celebrate Christmas in a bit of a non-traditional way! My family loved it!
Very Nice

The crew gave historical facts which is nice and they were very interactive with the kids and adults. Would have like to seen what the 21 and up cruise was like but didn't have time to experience that. Thank you to all the crew for a fun time y'all were great!
Great Crew
Had a great time celebrating my girlfriend's birthday with the Mutiny trial great time, great crew. Thank you !!
Loved it!

My 7 year old thoroughly enjoyed learning how to battle pirates, my 2 year old loved their "treasure", and both enjoyed the face painting! This isn't just fun for kiddos. The scenery is beautiful, and they have a bar on board!
Kids Friendly

 This was a lot of fun for the kids and the adults. It was unique and very well done. Definitely worth the money. Thanks for the great adventure!