Escape U of St. Augustine

Escape U

Enjoy problem-solving, collaboration, and working under pressure? Then our escape games will be your new favorite activity. 

So how exactly do escape games work?
You are given a mission and placed into a themed room that you must explore to find the hidden hints and clues. You may find a container that needs a password to open, or a lock that needs a key. If you work with your team, and use your wits, you can find the clues left behind, open all the locks, find the hidden items, and ultimately free yourself.

All of our games have a different theme that comes with a backstory which the player then figures out as they advance.
Our diverse games are designed to appeal to all ages and levels of escape room players. Our games range from a friendly 17th century fort to a not so friendly Asylum where you start blind folded and handcuffed.


What Guests Say About Escape U

What a fun place!!!!!

We had SO much fun!!! Blake and Alex we're both super helpful and made our day! Blake ran an awesome game for us!!! We did the fort matanzas or Castillo one... super fun!!! Looks very plain when you first walk into room, but WOW is it complex!!! Very impressive!!!
Perfect for all ages...

Perfect way to spend some time with kids and grandkids. Did not have a reservation but they were happy to accommodate. This was our second trip and can't wait to do the third room!
Loved this experience...

We had 7 people with 3 children under 6. The staff was wonderful and we had the best time. Would definitely come back for another try!


Stopped in during a visit to St.Augustine. Every one of the employees was immediately warm and welcoming. The tour was incredibly informative and fun

Very fun time! Blake was awesome!

We did The Asylum room and had so much fun! Blake was awesome......he does a great job! It was loads of fun! The Asylum is a really fun room!

Great visit. Thanks Blake!

Blake was awesome. He was shorthanded and still made our first visit to an escape room freaking awesome. Jump scares and puzzles galore. Will be coming again.