Fort Matanzas


Beautiful scenery

History and stories of Fort Matanzas have been closely linked with the city of St. Augustine. Located fifteen miles north from Fort Matanzas, St. Augustine and the Castillo de San Marcos remind us of the early Spanish Empire and reflects European conflicts as countries battled for power and land in the New World.

Formerly the National monument site only sat on Rattlesnake Island. Although over the years the National Park Service has acquired more land on Rattlesnake and Anastasi Islands being able to preserve more of an intact barrier island ecosystem. A variety of plants and wildlife native to the islands can be viewed as you visit the river, ocean beaches, along with the .6 mile trail.

The ferry to the fort can carry up to 35 people which follows a first come first served basis and leaves the Visitor Center dock several times a day. They are open to the public every day from 9 am-5:30 pm (Excluding Holidays). Everyone that rides the ferry needs a pass, including children and babies. There are no animals, excluding service animals, allowed in the visitor center, on the boat nor at the fort. They have no food or drinks allowed on the boat or at the fort, excluding water, which is highly suggested on hot days.

Fort Matanzas is a great way to spend your day, as you get to see nature, visit history, and enjoy a ferry ride. We hope you have an amazing time here in St. Augustine, Florida. 


What Guests Say about Fort Matanzas


Ft Matanzas is a wonderful National Monument located just south of St. Augustine on A1A. The Rangers have always been extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about their subject matter We saw a nice presentation and I really wish we could have stayed for the afternoon.
Hidden Gem

Great outpost hidden away on the southern end of the Matanzas River. Park staff were friendly and knowledgeable of the historic significance of the outpost. I recommend anyone who visits the St Augustine area to make the trip south to see this defensive point.

I had an enjoyable tour guide who really enjoyed recounting the history of the fort. Also saw the 7-minute video. It is a short boat ride, less than 10 minutes, from the National Park Service dock to the Fort itself. You need to book ahead and get a pass in order to see the fort. !

The Rangers were very knowledgeable and informative. The short movie explained a lot. I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed the experience for such a small fort. It was really an important role in the history of the state and the country. 
Great tour guides!!  

Having traveled to multiple national parks and forts, I must say this is a wonderful experience, especially at no cost! Thank to our park ranger tour guides for the great visit!


This was a great find!!! I enjoyed the ferry ride to the Fort. The little ladder you can crawl up to the top of the Fort & see a 360 view. It was beautiful!!!! Bring your swimsuit & take a dip in the cool water after the tour. It was really relaxing.