Haunted Pub Crawl & Paranormal investigation


Spirits and spirits has a good ring to it, with this famous Haunted Pub tour, you'll be able to drink the night away with a tour guide giving you all the best tales of the local ghosts that still roam these ancient streets.  Conducted by a licensed tour guide of the oldest and most haunted city in America, these "ghost hosts" are very well versed in the paranormal and will guide you through the dark haunted history.
This 2.5 hour tour filled with that historic antique St. Augustine flare, you will learn ghost stories and historic pub-lore. With limited space check out their website or call (904) 824-8840 to book your reservation. 

What Guests Say about Haunted Pub Crawl

We had so much fun
Love are guide Q his stories were great he told them well he was the best ever. Cigar bar cool but if you don't like cigars u can stay outside in a area with seats and bomb fire. Q was so fantastic it was easy to fit in with the group he gave everyone the chance to participate his jokes where corny he walked at a pace we could keep up with and were not fit.
Fun, interesting and educational
Our tour guide, Chris, made this tour so interesting. His head is full of knowledge about all things related to St. Augustine history. The tour wasn't only about ghosts but also interesting historical trivia abut St. Augustine that you don't read about in text books. The pubs visited were fun too. A great fun night for us!
As long as you don't have a sensitivity to losing an infant, this is great. We had a lot of fun and had very real things show up in pictures. Very fun. Would do again! But some places do involve infants passing and that made me feel very uneasy as I am a mother.
Pub Crawl
Lenny was our guide and did a great job. We enjoyed the history and spooky stories. The bars, and staff were great. No haunts interacted with us that night, but really enjoyed the evening. Impressed that Lenny knew everyone's name, and we started with 25 people. Good job sir!
"Awesome and interesting tour
with an excellent guide!"

Lenny was our guide and he was excellent. Very knowledgeable and great sense of humor. He took his time and never rushed us. The pubs were great places and their staff were really friendly. I will definitely take another tour with Lenny!
Great pub crawl! Chris was awesome!
Chris knows his history and made this pub crawl so much fun! The pubs were great places to visit, have some beers and learn about the haunted history of Saint Augustine!


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Haunted Pub Tour
Haunted Pub Tour
Haunted Pub Tour
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Haunted Pub Tour
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Haunted Pub Tour
Haunted Pub Tour