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Crafted Cocktails & Odd Bites

Bringing something new and refreshing to the scene in our quaint small town of St. Augustine, FL, Odd Birds opened with a new bar concept which showcases the art of craft cocktails and the talent and diversity brought by the professionals in this area.
       * Creating emphasis on gathering an artisan spirit collection from North and South America, to Asia and everything in between.  As well as a wine and beer selection to please all tastes.
       * Odd Birds is located in the heart of St. Augustine's Old Town.  Bringing locals and tourists alike a taste and show unlike any other.  Don't miss out on this experience.  Remember, our rule is oddness!
       * Odd Birds strives to showcase the talent and diversity of the field of craft cocktails by bringing bartenders from different cities for the "Bartender Diplomacy Nights" or hosting different "Guest Bartenders" regularly.

       With use of a wide variety of spirits from all over the world and producing a high quality, fresh and innovative product.  Odd Birds has a new menu with new spirits, wine and beer very often.

PHONE: 904-679-4933 33 Charlotte St., St. Augustine, FL 32084 Monday to Friday 5pm-2am
Saturday to Sunday 1pm-2am


What Guests are Saying About Odd Birds

Mixology heaven.
In the most unassuming little bar with a small garden seating area, lies an establishment that prides itself on local options for liquor. A very knowledgeable staff in creating heavenly libations. A must when in town before or after lunch, dinner or just an afternoon toast.
Sparking Raspberry Martini
This place is awesome. Their concept is oddness in a relax and chill environment. They promote the art of craft cocktails and showcase industry professionals willing to show their skills at making craft cocktails. Our group covered everything for Labatt's Blue to Sparkling Raspberry Martinis to other unknown exotics. Everything was stellar!

Great cocktails, laid back atmosphere
The cocktails are pricey but strong and well made. There is a nice outdoor sitting area. The bartenders are knowledgeable and friendly. The bar is small so you might want to stop in for an early drink. Did not order food so I can't comment on it.
2018 B&B Holiday Tour
This was our first time here. Some local friends introduced it to us and we had a great time. They made a new drink for us called the Cucumber Trist...nailed it! The live artist and fire pit was a nice touch. Clean men's room as well. Please check them out if you're in town.

Best Lobster's Arepas Ever!!
The drinks are fantastic as well. Ask for the spacey orange drink. He never gave me the name..he said he just mixed it there ( was good...Tequila with ???) They need more seating but, we will always go there when we go to St. A. We did notices that people were actually not screaming when they were talking...we think it was because the music not been too loud. Best way of enjoying a place. Thanks Odd Bird. I wish you had more selection of T-shirts sizes and design. Please!
cool little place
Went on a Friday night, busy but not terrible. Waiter was great! Couldn't ask for better bartenders. Food was pretty good. Great music. Overall I would recommend this place highly.


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