Schooner Freedom



Right here in St. Augustine, Florida the Schooner Freedom sails. Freedom is an authentic replica of a 19th-century blockade runner. These blockade runners were used during the American Civil war to get through the Union blockades. These runners were mainly imported from England; they brought guns and other ordinance that the Confederacy needed. Built by the British these ships were explicitly created for speed, to get through the blockade they had to cruise undetected, which was usually at night. If spotted, the runners would attempt to outmaneuver or simply outrun any Union ships on blockade patrol and were usually often successful.

Being a Replica Freedom is a gaff-rigged, double masted, topsail schooner. In 1982 in Norfolk, Virginia Freedom was built by Naval architect Merritt Walters and his marine construction crew. Freedom has a length of seventy-six from bow to stern, while her deck is only sixty-four feet. Freedom is very impressive as her main mast has a height of sixty-two feet and is carrying a sail with a total sail area of twenty-four hundred feet. The attention that was given to when Freedom was built makes her perfect for both inland and offshore sailing. Freedom is a certified tour boat under the Coast Guard sub-chapter. She can carry up to forty-one passengers and must have one master and two crew members for each tour.

With three Captains and many crew members, you will enjoy any tour with anyone that you receive for your visit. Caption John and Admiral Sara share a passion for sailing and love to share that with others together. They previously owned a boat named the Athene before they purchased and refit Schooner Freedom in 2000. We hope you enjoy your time here in St. Augustine, Florida and if you get the chance to enjoy a day out sailing. Many sails are offered, there's a "Fins and Freedom," "Full Moon Sail," private charters and more.  


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What Guests Say about Schooner Freedom


This is an authentic, wind powered, Coast Guard certified tall ship! Assist the crew(if you wish) in hosting the sails of this lovely schooner to get her underway. Perfect for family outings, or romantic sunset and moonlight cruises. Beverages for both adults and children provided.
We had the best experience!

The captain and the crew treat you like family and they welcome you to their home. Best Birthday ever! Thank you Captain John, Sara, Zack & Michelle for making it special and unforgettable for us. Blessings!
One of the best memories of our vacation!

My husband and I vacationed alone this year and this was right up our alley as far as what we wanted to do wit hour time. The crew members were all very friendly and knowledgeable. Felt very safe and could not stop smiling the whole time!
Treated Like Family!

Our party of 8 from Ormond Beach FL had a fabulous time with Captain Steve, Brian and Sadie Tonight. They made us feel like part of their sailing family and they provided plenty of warm blankets, hot chocolate, other beverages & interesting stories.
2 Hour Tour

My mother, my daughter, and I took the 2:15 tour today. It was so exciting seeing the crew man the sails on our voyage. Captain Kevin and the crew of Sydney, Steven, and Sarah were outstanding, knowledgeable, and funny. This is a great way to spend an afternoon! I highly recommend going on the Schooner Freedom.
Great crew and beautiful scenery!

We booked privately for our wedding last year because we enjoyed it so much! The crew graciously waited for a member of our wedding party who had a flight delay...and didn't cut our cruise short. We highly recommend this experience!