St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park


Reptiles, Mammals & Birds

The St. Augustine Alligator Farm was founded in 1893 and started out as a small exhibition of the reptiles of Florida. It quickly became a quintessential attraction of Florida. Today it isn't just an alligator farm, it functions as a modern zoo that is open to the public. The scientific community has educational shows, exhibits and puts a large amount of effort into worldwide conservation here at this St. Augustine location.

The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park has a thrilling zip line attraction that zips through the treetops and over Crocodile crossing. Over the 7 acres, there are two different courses that offer two different experiences. You'll zip right over the top of live alligators and crocodiles, have tropical birds at eye level and red-ruffed lemurs just arm lengths away. With more than 50 obstacles you'll be flying climbing and zooming through this zoo.

At the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, they have a variety of many different exhibits. They have a variety of reptiles with 11 species on the SSP (Species Survival Plan). Some of the reptile species that are on the SSP are the King Cobra, Philippine Crocodile, and Malaysian Giant Pond turtle. Conservation is huge at this park, they have 11 species of birds and 6 species of mammals that are also on the SSP here in St. Augustine.

Come face to face with some of the most exotic animals and reptiles. We love seeing the excitement and happiness these animals bring to our guests. We love answering any questions that may arise while you are visiting. We hope you enjoy all the exhibits and have a good time while here at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park.


What Guests Say About 
St. Augustine Alligator

Awesome Experience

It was an awesome experience. We watched the alligator feeding and learned a lot. This park was well worth the price and gave us a new respect for these amazing reptiles!!!

It's really awesome to learn about these features and habitats and the so many different kinds f gators and crocodile and staff really nice and friendly plus st. Augustine beach s the best
So much to see!

Very much enjoyed the Alligator Farm. Wonderful to see all the different types of alligators and crocodiles. In addition to these, they had so much more to see such as birds, turtles, lemurs, and more. 
Love the wild birds!

Amazing place, especially for photographers! The kids seemed to be having a great time watching the Gators, but the wild birds nesting above them are truly a spectacle. Thanks so much to the friendly staff.

I was amazed at all the alligators, crocodiles, exotic birds & animals. You could easily spend several hours here. They also have a nice snack bar with free pop refills & lots of items for lunch. We bought several cute items at the gift shop also.
Friendly Staff! 

Park is very clean with easy viewing of the animals. The staff is very friendly and informative. You can also get some interesting views by taking the zip line/obstacle course.