St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum


Pirates & Treasure

St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum is a fun getaway for the whole family. Located just 5 minutes away from our Bed and Breakfast, this is a must family activity. St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum offers three different tours including Group Tours, Educational Tours, and In-Class Curriculum.

Group tours have an interactive and hands-on atmosphere where all guests are encouraged to participate in activities. In the museum, guests see artifacts from Florida's archeology vault, every guest goes on an adventure filled with surprising facts. You will be lead through your tour by a crew member that will take you through stopping at different destinations to tell stories and to interact with different activities like knot tying, flag hoisting and cannon firings. As guests leave with more knowledge, they may feel the desire to sail the seven seas.

The educational tour takes guests on a historical trip right through the Golden Age of Piracy and the lives of the era's most famous pirates. This tour is based to help guests interact and learn at the same time. With surprising facts, interesting stories, and a fun journey this is a good way to experience this museum. A thrilling part of this tour and the highlight for most of the guests is the audio chamber where guests experience the sounds of Blackbeard's last battle inside the darkness of his ships hull.

With many interactive activities, interesting facts, and entertaining crew members, we hope that you make St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum a part of your trip while here in St. Augustine.


What Guests Say About 
This Adventure

Awesome Experience

The best experience ever. True and interesting stories. Very well done and very informative.

Tons of interesting and authentic information. The artifacts were awesome and the interactive pieces were a big hit even for my teens. Will be going back.

I love museums of uncommon things, but what I love more is how the objects in the museum are presented, in what order or way they are organized. This is like a treasure hunt within a museum. 

We came up today on a field trip with my daughter. Captain Mayhem did a terrific job of educating and entertaining. I will definitely recommend this location to my friends.

We had a blast here last year with my parents and kids! Great artifacts and so much fun getting guided by a Pirate!
Great Experience! 

Great experience for history buffs and any kids who love pirates. The interactive treasure hunt for kids to be "lifelong pirates"  was a good touch to keep kids interested.