St. Augustine Wild Reserve


Exotic Animals

A non-profit corporation the St. Augustine Wild Reserve has created a rescue center for unwanted exotic animals. There are many individuals that purchase exotic animals and soon come to realize that the wild animal doesn't fit into their life like they previously thought and that is when this reserve steps in. As an alternate option to euthanasia, the Reserve will gladly give these exotic animals a home. Some of the animals come with sad stories. Two of their wolves were rescued when the wolves owner was involved in a fatal auto accident. The Reserve has a goal to educate the public about exotic animals and the intense care that comes with them when deciding to own one to prevent future animal abuse.

The St. Augustine Wild Reserve offers tours Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 2 pm, by appointment only. Due to animal safety reasons The St. Augustine Wild Reserve is not open to the public, but are happy to offer 1 ½ - 2-hour tours at appointed times. During the tours, the animal specials will explain their story of where they came from and general information about each of the animals. They allow guests to come 5-10 feet of the animals but don't allow touching animals for safety. On the tour guests will meet amazing white tigers, orange tigers, a very rare golden tabby tiger, American black bear, lions, ligers, servals, cougars, lynxes, leopards, and a host of wolves ranging in color from black to white.

A trip to The St. Augustine Wild Reserve is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity as guest get to see a wide variety of exotic animals all in a short period of time. They hope to fill you with as much information about each animal as possible and hope each guest enjoys their time while visiting.      


What Guests Say About The Reserve

The Best

One of the BEST wildlife sanctuaries we've visited to date. Animals are well cared for and clearly happy. I highly recommend supporting this not-for-profit reserve by donating and/or visiting.

What an experience. Guides are all dedicated volunteers who give lots of information.Can't praise them enough: friendly and knowledgeable. Truly the number 1 experience in the city.
Beautiful Animals

Unlike most places where you go and see animals in cages and feel sorry for them, this place seems to be the opposite. The volunteers seem to genuinely care for the animals in their care. Beautiful animals and well worth the heat.
Awesome place to visit. You get to be up close to some great animals that you would never imagine getting that close to. Staff was very good people, with a lot of information about the animals and truly care for the animals.
Loved It!

It was so amazing, the men and women that help these wildlife need a medal. My daughter has always wanted to see a white tiger, she teared up when we had to leave. Wonderful place to visit. LOVED IT!!!!!!
Great Staff!

Amazing tour! If you want to see big cats up close this is the place. These people are doing great work with unwanted and abused exotic cats, and a few other animals