The St. Augustine Lighthouse's
Dark of the Moon Tour

Dark of the Moon Tour

As the only tour with access inside the Lighthouse, The Dark of the Moon paranormal tour allows you to be one of the few to experience the St. Augustine Lighthouse at night! A guided session through the Keeper's house and the grounds, this two hour tour lets guests climb up the lighthouse in total darkness and be let free to roam, explore, and investigate. 
The St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum has been featured on TAPS/Ghost Hunters, CNN, Parade Magazine, Fox News
and The Weather Channel.

* 1.5 - 2 hour tour
* History and hauntings of the Lighthouse
* Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings with expanded days during peak times
* Electromagnetic field (EMF) meters available to rent
* Expect larger groups during peak season and holidays


What Guests Say about the Dark of the Moon Tour

Highly Recommend Haunted Lighthouse Tour
Perfect evening for a family of 4 with two teenagers (13 & 15). Our tour guides were very knowledgeable and made it very fun. Climbing the stairs of the lighthouse is exerting, but coming down is even worse in my opinion because the steps are see-through and the sharp angle of the stairs made me dizzy.  Overall though it was a great experience and something a little different to do.
Maritime History At It's Best
When in St. Augustine, a visit to the lighthouse and grounds should be on your agenda. Your can walk up the spiral staircase to the top. The keepers house and other buildings are an added attraction that informs you of local maritime history. If you are in to ghost stories, there are a few of those also, just ask the docents and they will be more than happy to tell them to you. Nice gift shop also.

Dark of the Moon Paranormal Tour makes an A+
This tour was by far my second favorite of our trip to St. Augustine. Our tour guide was outstanding! We had some paranormal activity happen on our tour to include an ice cold hand on the back of my neck under my hair in the basement. Pete was making noise in the lighthouse, and it actually frightened our tour guide. Overall, if you want to experience true paranormal activity, this is it!
Dark of the Moon Paranormal Tour
If you are looking for a unique experience as you visit a grand lighthouse, consider the only "ghost" tour in St. Augustine conducted in a lighthouse. The 291 step climb to the top of the lighthouse yields a magnificent view of the city and the surrounding area. I you happen to be a photographer, you enjoy the opportunity to make some beautiful panoramic photos and great time exposures. The view is well worth the climb. 
More than you think.
I loved the fact you can climb the stairs to the top of the lighthouse to enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean and the city. A lot of historic places have a "look, but no touch" approach, but this site wants you to experience it as much as possible. The lighthouse is on several acres of land and includes other historic buildings, a small museum, food, gift shop and beautiful park area. To climb lighthouse is 200+ stairs. However, there landings every floor to take a break if want.
Great crew and beautiful scenery!

We booked privately for our wedding last year because we enjoyed it so much! The crew graciously waited for a member of our wedding party who had a flight delay...and didn't cut our cruise short. We highly recommend this experience!