Whetstone Chocolate FActory


Whetstones History

Lifelong residents of northeast Florida Henry and Esther Whetstone have longed to own and operate their own business. They found the demand from tourists and local residents for ice cream. They operated their small ice cream store in St. Augustine in 1966 from their kitchen each night. Their ice cream parlor quickly became known as the best ice cream in town. The original store still stands today and is known as Tedi's Olde Tyme Ice cream. 
Henry and Esther created a homemade fudge recipe in their small family kitchen and jumped right into the chocolate market. These two took off learning and preparing delicacies in their home for the customers the next day. They had few cookbooks little space but pushed through with their larger than life entrepreneurial spirit. Henry would hand carve models for their solid gators and dolphins while Esther was testing and creating new recipes for chocolates and fudge. 
With two hard working people, the small kitchen survived and was the original Whetstone Chocolate factory. Their commitment to quality and hours spent was rewarded as the demand for their fudge increased over time. Esther and Henry learned the complicities of chocolate and began to hand-dip chocolates like caramel, toffee, almonds, pecans, and cherries. The Whetstone Chocolates reputation grew rapidly and spread like wildfire through the town and the demand for their chocolates increased even more. In 1967, they were selling 13 uniquely different flavors of fudge along with an assortment of hand-dipped chocolates.  

The Expanding sales them to move to a larger facility to be able to produce their products. Like back then The Whetstone Chocolates puts just as much effort and time into their chocolates today and are always trying new recipes. While in St. Augustine, the Whetstone Chocolates factory is a must try and is a delicious way to spend your day. 


What Guests Say About
Whetstones Chocolate

 Friendly Staff!

The tour was very informative, plenty of samples, well worth the price. Staff both on the tour and in the store were friendly and helpful but not pushy.

The tour was very informative. The chocolates are some of the best I've had. The pineapple basil gelato was delicious. I will visit one of their shops every time I go to St Augustine.
Wonderful time

We had a wonderful time learning all about how chocolate is made. Seeing the chocolatiers in action was awesome. It really shows how much work and effort goes into making such delicious chocolate.
Love the Tour!

Enjoyed the afternoon tour today. Joe and the rest of your staff is so friendly!

The whole family enjoyed the tour! Joe had a great dry sense of humor and was very engaging. We loved the samples. Be sure to book ahead! We booked our tour just a couple hours in advance, and it was booked to capacity.

I loved this place all the staff were very nice and helpful we did the tour and its so worth it not only you get to learn how the chocolate is made you get to taste some too.