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New entertainment that has become more and more popular are "escape rooms." Escape rooms have gained popularity because they are physical games that also exercise your mind. The escape rooms at Escape U are physical adventure games where players have to solve a series of puzzles through hints and clues. Strategies and 100% of your attention are needed to complete the objectives that are at hand. 

At Escape U, you choose your adventure and challenge between three extremely different cases. Three rooms are available to you, the "Save the Fleet", "The Asylum", and last but not least "Castillo De Matanzas". 

In the Save the fleet room, Hurricane San Zenon is quickly traveling across Florida and off the coast of St. Augustine. With a team of two to eight sailors, it is up to you and your team to find sail the ship to safety. With rain and huge wages somehow you make just feet from the famed lighthouse in St. Augustine. Hundreds of sailors now depend on your decision and puzzle solving skills to make your way to this life-saving beacon. In the room, there is a 15 ft. Replica of the St. Augustine Lighthouse and keeper. 

In Escape U's present "The Asylum", the world's first escape room specifically built to take advantage of inherent human logical weaknesses. The Asylum is one of the most technologically advanced escape rooms ever built; this, combined with Escape U's talents for immersion, storytelling, and puzzle design makes The Asylum one of the countries premier escape games being 10/10 difficulty you and 2-8 teammates will have to put your minds together to figure this one out. 

As you spend time here in St. Augustine, Florida we hope you have a nice stay and enjoy time with friends and family. 


What Guests are Saying about Escape U

Fun & Challenging!

 EscapeU's rooms are on par with some of the best. We did the Castillo De Matanzas room and it was immersive and just the right amount of challenging, especially for only having 2 players and being able to escape! This is a must visit while on your stay no matter how long. Definitely will be back for more games.
Amazing experience!

My friend and I chose a room here while we were on a day trip, and can I just say you will not be disappointed. This was the first room we failed out of many but had such a fun time doing it!!! Thank you for an amazing experience and we will for sure be back!!
Very well done!

Great experience all around! We did the "Save the Fleet" room. Very well done. The decor was spot on and the puzzle flow was superb. Customer service was fantastic! 
Top Notch

EscapeU is right at the top. The attention to detail, the amazing puzzles and the interaction with staff is absolutely top notch and cannot be beat. If you're in St Augustine and looking for something exciting, puzzling or something new to do, come to EscapeU. You will not be disappointed!
Fun time!

Absolutely out of this world amazing! One of the best escape rooms I have ever been too for Florida to Chicago! Staff is so nice an makes sure you have a great time. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun time.
Great time!

This was my first experience and I didn't really know what to expect so at first I must admit I was a bit stumped as I didn't know what to do. But as things started falling in place it got better and by the end, we were having a great time. We will definitely go back again to try another room but this time with more people as there were only two of us.